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The page provides a depth of field (DOF) calculator for photography. The depth of field is the section or range of the photo which will be sharp. The section is defined by a near sharpness limit distance and a far sharpness limit distance. Anything between these two limiting distances will be sharp. The sharpness limes are based on the f-stop value, lens focal length, subject distance and the circle of confusion of the camera.


Note, if you manually enter the lens focal length, subject distance or circle of confusion, the ENTER or RETURN keyboard button needs to be pressed. This will cause the calculations to be updated.
Input Parameter Notes
Manufacture/Type/Model Select the manufacture of your camera. These selections set the circle of confusion parameter. The calculator uses a circle of confusion of 0.030 millimeter for a 35mm format. The circle of confusion is adjusted by the crop factor if needed.
f-stop This is the aperture setting to be used when shooting your photo.
Lens focal length The focal length of your lens in millimeters. Note, do not multiply the focal length by the camera body's crop factor. This calculator automatically adjusts and calibrates the lens.
subject or focus distance This is the distance from the camera to the subject being photographed.
circle of confusion This is related to the final resolution of the image. It is based on the sensor size, image size and the viewing distance.

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